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Euro 2012

Broadcasting of matches at the 2012 European Championship during the 25 days of the competition. More than 15 million views and pre-roll ads during transmission.

Indy 2012

Live streaming of the 2012 IndyCar season from the eBand portal. More than 25 million views.


A partnership with Giovanni + DraftFCB. The Christmas eNoel action was transmitted to more than 100 countries with peaks of 130 thousand simultaneous accesses with no downtime.


A partnership with CuboCC. The “Arca 2012″ action was transmitted for 30 hours in HD and was accessed 300 thousand times. It was also streamed directly on Facebook.


Transmission of 3 days of the event to around 140 thousand users.


Samba Tech donated 24hrs of online transmission for the SBT telethon.


Nine days of live transmission of the games of one of the world’s biggest sporting events.


Partnership with Fri.to and Agelsobar. 12 hours of transmission direct from Adidas’s Facebook page.

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/ Benefits

We take care of your event like it was our own

Transmissão com Escala

Transmission on a large scale

Streaming that can handle big peaks in simultaneous access. We don't limit the number of users watching the transmission.


Distribution to a variety of devices and social networks

Your event playing on whatever device is connected to the internet and Facebook and Twitter.timelines.

Relatório de consumo

Consumption report

See how the event was consumed and how your audience engages with the video transmitted.

Entrega adaptada

Adapted delivery

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: the quality of the steam adapts itself to the users' bandwidth to avoid freezing and buffering.

Suporte remoto

Remote support

Our support team assists in the configuration of the live transmission, carries out tests days prior to the event and even remotely monitors the event to ensure its success.



Video protection technology so that your content isn't reproduced or copied in an environment that you have no control over.

/ How it works

See how simple it is. There are 3 simple steps to beginning your transmission

  • Capturing the event

    Filming the event: The event is captured on video cameras and the signal is sent to a computer that has a video capture card. The location is checked for its suitability, as is the lighting - whether artificial or natural - and the ACOUSTICS.

    Don't have cameras to capture the event? Don't worry, we have a list of partner producers.

  • A computer with a video capture card and internet connection

    Video capture card: Hardware that handles the transfer of the image and sound of the camera to the computer.

    Conversion of the file: Following its capture, the raw video file generated needs to be encoded, in other words, converted into a suitable format for the web, for it to reach its target audience.

    Internet: Vital for the live transmission. The signal from the encoding software is sent via the internet to our servers that will distribute the captured video.

  • Distribution of the content

    Broadcasting: In order for the live transmission to take place, streaming servers must distribute the content. This is Samba Tech's speciality and one of the most important points of live transmission.

    Destination: Everything's ready, right? Right! Now all that has to be done is to embed the player wherever the transmission is to be made: your site, a hotsite or even a Facebook wall or fan page.

/ Partner agencies

See who trusts Samba to handle the transmission of innovative actions

FCB Brasil Fri.to Ageisobar Cubo.cc Clickisobar Plan B - Parceiros

  • Samba Tech represents the evolution in video technology for Anhanguera Educacional.

    Thiago Vital, Streaming Coordinator / D.T.O


  • Samba Tech is one of the most innovative companies around the world.

    Lindália Reis, Director


  • Samba Tech helps us to spread video content during live events. Their technology is awesome.

    Guilherme Zillig, IT Coordinator

    HSM Educação

  • We are also proud to have Samba as a partner and see them grow day by day. It is great to be able count on you!

    Renata Abravanel, Web Director

    Grupo Silvio Santos / SBT

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